Avocado Toast Test: Lodge Bread Co.

Tucked away in Culver City, there is a magical bread bounty known as Lodge Bread Co. They haven’t been around for very long, but BOY are they popular! These guys are killing it.  After being recommended by a few coworkers, I finally tried this place out (I don’t know WHAT was stopping me, it’s less than 15 minutes from my place.)

After that first time going, I went 3 more times in that month. That never happens. This place is SO good.  Also, if you check out their Yelp page, you might get a good laugh at one of the reviews. The first review that popped up for me was someone complaining that they didn’t have gluten-free bread or decaf coffee. I laughed because a) the first review was so negative and I’D HEARD SUCH GOOD THINGS b) I wouldn’t go to a bread place expecting either of those options?

Everything I have tried here has been SUPER solid. I love, LOVE their cookies. They are huge, fluffy, and not too sweet. I will horde the snickerdoodles here. Their big ass cinnamon roll is exactly what you think it is. Their pizzas…are…so freaking good.

But the real stand out for me is their toasts. This is such a cliche LA thing, but I ordered the avocado toast my first time there. It changed my expectations for avocado toast. I can’t go to Lodge without ordering it. I really wonder how many avocados they must go through on a Sunday brunch rush.


There it is, in all of its glory. This avocado toast is great because it starts with an amazing foundation. The bread is great (as it should be, this is a bread company.) The avocado is great. But the sliced radishes, oil, lemon juice, and pepper add so much. I recreated this at home and it really does make a difference.



This avocado toast test review is turning into a full blown review. I will just say that Lodge Bread Co. avocado toast broke my rating system. They get this many.


I will be back, Lodge, and next time I’m going to finally try that SHAKSHUKA!!!


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