Burger Buds: Father’s Office-Culver City



Father’s Office, home of The Office Burger, gastropub eatery, and overall cool LA spot to eat with friends. It’s the creation of Chef Sang Yoon, and notorious for its strict “no customization allowed” rule for its burger.

Honestly, why would you want to tamper with perfection? The Office Burger is perfect. I could eat the heck out of this burger. If I could (meaning, if my body AND wallet allowed so) I would eat this burger every week.


I’m going to give this burger a 13/10 Burger Bud rating. SOOO good.


So…What is Father’s Office?

As I said before, it was lovingly created by Chef Sang Yoon. Sang Yoon started out working in fine dining. He worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris, New York, and Los Angeles, most notably as executive chef in Santa Monica’s famous Michael’s (no, not the craft chain store.)

In 2000, he set out to remodel his favorite local dive bar, Father’s Office. From there, the LA gastropub movement was put into motion. Father’s Office now proudly serves small batch variety beer and local craft beers. The “Office Burger” has gained national, critical acclaim. I don’t even know why I bothered rating it, to be honest. Y’all already know that IT’S GONNA BE GOOD!

Sang Yoon also has another restaurant called Lukshon in Los Angeles. Just to be very clear, I went to the Culver City Father’s Office. There is another located in Santa Monica!

Go and get this burger!


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